Advanced materials enable transformational climate and sustainability progress

What if we could usher in a revolution of clean products by adding better surface materials?

Materials production is 25% of global carbon emissions today, and the products we use are built by processes invented decades ago.

Heating and cooling products can be optimal with precisely designed surfaces.

What if we can solve frost and ice to unlock a whole new threshold of performance per dollar spent?

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Heating and cooling equipment is a major contributor to energy consumption and carbon emissions; we must develop affordable products with higher performance.

Apparel can have a positive impact with precisely designed surfaces.

What if we could use abundant minerals to get all the performance with none of the harm?

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The use of toxic substances to provide waterproofing is ubiquitous today and damaging to people, planet, and environment. We believe we have found a better way.

The first accessible platform to bring metamaterials to everyday products.

What if we could harness this surface structure and scale it to many industries?

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Metamaterials (precise surface morphology or surface structure) provide incredible properties like extreme ice resistance, droplet ejection, higher reaction rates, manipulation of light, and more.

Our mission is to deliver the materials platform of choice that enables the best products for people and the planet.

What if we could create new products together with improved performance, reduced cost, mitigated emissions and clean ingredients?

Meet our team 

Nelumbo is a 21st century materials company led by experienced entrepreneurs and engineers. We value sustainable outcomes, speed, transparency, and bold moves.

Why Nelumbo?

Established in 2015 with a goal of changing the power of materials science in modern society and business, Nelumbo is a recognized pioneer in the field of advanced surface modifications and a trusted partner for developing, manufacturing, and selling redefined products using innovative surface technologies. Nelumbo was founded by UC Berkeley engineers with a lifelong desire to see broad adoption and acceptance of materials science as a new path for delivering value to the world.

Driven by this goal, Nelumbo has successfully developed multiple products with partners, shipped hundreds of products to customers, deployed pilot manufacturing, and developed relationships to bring innovative technologies to market at scale. The company’s consistent track record has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy, Cyclotron Road, Forbes 30 under 30, and leading materials science investors including Berkeley Catalyst Fund and Photon Fund.

Nelumbo is headquartered in Hayward, California with offices, a research & innovation center and production facilities under one roof. We are located in the Bay Area near world-class facilities such as Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Stanford University. You can measure our success from the deployed products that we alter for the better, the strength and depth of the people at our company, and our direct positive impact on energy and environment – what we believe is the defining challenge and opportunity of this century.

Nelumbo Team Image
Nelumbo Team Image
Nelumbo Team Image

The Nelumbo Team

Join Nelumbo

Being Part of Nelumbo means working with the world’s most advanced surface modification platform to redefine what is possible with traditional products. This is very challenging and rewarding work – what we do fundamentally alters our collective future and means our team members will be able to walk down the street and point to multiple products with their technological fingerprints. Our philosophy is to hire for the long term, and we are passionate about building people as well as products. Everyone is expected to make an immediate impact on the company.

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Investors & Partners

We are proud to be working with many outstanding investors aligned with our goals. Our institutional investors include Prime Mover’s Lab, University of Tokyo, Edge Capital, Safar Partners, Darwin Ventures, Neue Fund, Berkeley Catalyst Fund, Photon Fund, 1517 Fund, and UPC Capital Ventures.

Danfoss, a leading global manufacturer and service provider whose solutions are used in areas such as refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, motor control and mobile machinery, is also an investor and commercial partner for our first product suite.

Finally, we would like to recognize the Cyclotron Road Fellowship, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for continued partnership and support.

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